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If you had the opportunity to transcribe everything worthwhile that you know and make it accessible to everyone in the world for free … would you? 

For the Aspiring Polymath

Welcome to The Everything Blog — a website dedicated to free knowledge!  This site is for the inquisitive souls out there who crave understanding about a  variety of different topics, but who may not have followed a traditional path towards secondary education (e.g., due to limited funds and/or time).  You can expect the myriad scholastic articles found in the In the Classroom section to contain all of the information that you would find in “brick and mortar” college courses, minus the hassle of dealing with registrar and admissions personnel, unreasonable tuition costs and overpriced bookstores — not to mention incompetent, tenured professors with inflated egos — and so on and so forth.  Additionally, the section of this blog entitled In the News contains articles and editorials about current events.  Finally, the Entertainment section is dedicated to creative writing and other fun stuff!

As you might have guessed, the administrator of this site is not a strong proponent of the traditional educational model.  That’s because the business of education has become just that: a business.  More to the point, the business of education has become little more than a racket, wherein unsuspecting young intellectuals in pursuit of lucrative careers must first agree to in-debt themselves to opportunistic lending sharks, before they are ever allowed to access the requisite knowledge for their chosen professions.

In short, the admin believes that access to information should not be contingent upon a person’s willingness to enter into such a Faustian bargain, nor should the contents of a person’s wallet dictate his or her prospects for a bright future.  Therefore, if you have come to this site seeking a means to improve yourself by acquiring knowledge, then you have come to the right place, because: the only limiting factor that you will encounter here is your own potential.

Good hunting,

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